Original papers

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  • Recombinant Fusion Allergens, Cry j 1 and Cry j 2 from Japanese Cedar Pollen, Conjugated with Polyethylene Glycol Potentiate the Attenuation of Cry j 1-Specific IgE Production in Cry j 1-Sensitized Mice and Japanese Cedar Pollen Allergen-Sensitized Monkeys.
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  • Casein kinase 1γ acts as a molecular switch for cell polarization through phosphorylation of the polarity factor Tea1 in fission yeast.
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  • Fission Yeast Exo1 and Rqh1-Dna2 Redundantly Contribute to Resection of Uncapped Telomeres.
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  • The yeast chromatin remodeler Rsc1-RSC complex is required for transcriptional activation of autophagy-related genes and inhibition of the TORC1 pathway in response to nitrogen starvation.
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  • Discovery of phosphonic acid natural products by mining the genomes of 10,000 actinomycetes.
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  • Sphingolipids regulate telomere clustering by affecting transcriptional levels of genes involved in telomere homeostasis.
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  • The essential function of Rrs1 in ribosome biogenesis is conserved in budding and fission yeasts.
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  • RSC Chromatin-Remodeling Complex Is Important for Mitochondrial Function in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
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  •  Long G2 accumulates recombination intermediates and disturbs chromosome segregation at dysfunction telomere in S. pombe.
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  • A novel anti-histone H1 monoclonal antibody, SSV monoclonal antibody, improves lung injury and survival in a mouse model of lipopolysaccharide -induced sepsis-like syndrome.
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  • Isolation of a spontaneous cerulenin-resistant sake yeast with both high ethyl caproate-producing ability and normal checkpoint integrity.
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  • Alp7/TACC recruits kinesis-8-PP1 to the Ndc80 kinetochore protein for timely mitotic progression and chromosome movement.
    Tang NH and Toda T.
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  • Screening for a gene deletion mutant whose temperature sensitivity is suppressed by FK506 in budding yeast and its application for a positive screening for drugs inhibiting calcineurin.
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