HiHA conducts research based on the following four themes with a view to realizing a healthy ageing society: 1) Aging and Cancer, 2) Longevity and Lifespan, 3) Immunoregulation and tolerance, and 4) Food and enteral environment.

1) Aging and Cancer

This research aims to clarify the molecular basis of canceration in its entirety. Specifically, elucidation is sought through conducting advanced basic research of carcinogenesis and its molecular mechanism. Also, through elucidating the relationship with canceration in line with ageing, it is intended to develop a new paradigm of cancer research. Work is also conducted on discovering new techniques and therapeutic medications for preventing cancer.

2) Longevity and Lifespan

This research aims to clarify the molecular basis of longevity regulation in its entirety. Specifically, elucidation of the signals and their pathways that control life is sought. Through doing so, it is intended to clarify new mechanisms for healthy ageing that are common to all life forms. Moreover, through investigating industrial applications to food and so on and causes of diseases in old age, advances are made in preventive medicine research geared to realizing a healthy society.

3) Immunoregulation and tolerance

Auto immune diseases such as rheumatism, neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s diseases, and age-related disorders typified by metabolic syndrome, are all caused by excessive inflammatory responses. This research aims to elucidate the mechanisms for maintaining and inducing immune tolerance, which controls chronic inflammation at times of health, and to develop basic technology for extending such knowledge to overcoming ageing-related intractable diseases.

4) Food and enteral environment

As Japan becomes a super ageing society, in addition to developing treatments for ageing-related disorders as described above, building physical health that is resistant to such intractable diseases through everyday lifestyle is also an important issue in realizing healthy ageing. Based on the concept of “realizing preventive medicine through diet”, this research aims to 1) investigate functional food components that can prevent various ageing diseases, 2) elucidate the immunological working mechanisms of such foods, and 3) study the development of disease preventing foods based on the acquired knowledge. Furthermore, research is conducted to develop disease prevention using symbiotic microorganisms in the intestine or food microorganisms.