Report From Young Researchers(Research assistant professor Takashi Fujimura)

Winter and Summer in Boston

Research assistant professor Takashi Fujimura

I study for ‘inflammation and healthy aging’ at Boston Children’s Hospital associated with Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA as a visiting research scientist at Dr. Michiko Oyoshi’s laboratory, from February 2018.  I thank JSPS foundation, named Program for Fostering Globally Talented Researchers, giving me the opportunity to join scientific research at Boston.

     I had heard that Boston is tremendously cold in winter before I left Japan, however, fortunately when I arrived at Boston, I had fine warm days for a while.  I thought that Boston’s winter is not so severe as I had heard, similar in Saijo (where Hiroshima University is).  However, 2 weeks after then, there was severe blizzard in Boston area and I was going freezing and afraid might be a victim of this snow storm during my way from my laboratory to home.  I realized the temperature during winter in Boston is much lower than that in Saijo and Boston has much snowing.

     On the other hand, summer is so hot in Boston, but better than that in Japan because of lower humidity.  However, I feel sun shine and ultraviolet lays are so strong in Boston maybe due to its high latitude.  Appearance in Boston’s summer is totally different from that in winter, we can see many flowers aside of roads and in gardens.

Interestingly, we have chance to meet wild turkey, squirrel, rabbit, and goose during walking in longwood area.

Around my living place is full of nature.  Boston is excellent place for living and scientific research except very high prices and in winter.

     Here, I introduced climate in Boston.  I will have topics for my research life in Boston next time.  Thank you.