(10th October)10th HiHA International Workshop

10th HiHA International Workshop will be held on 10th  October (Wed).

Building of Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, 4F ROOM 401N

October 10th 2018(Wed)  12:50-18:00


◆12:50~ Opening Remarks 
Seiji Kawamoto (Hiroshima University , Japan)
Session1:Chair Satoshi Tashiro
◆13:00~13:30   Fuyuki Ishikawa (Kyoto University)
Adaptive chromatin response to fluctuating environments
◆13:30~14:00  Masaru Ueno (Hiroshima University)
Searching for novel factors involved in the regulation of nuclear dynamics
◆14:00~14:30 Takashi Toda(Hiroshima University)
Motor-dependent and independent pathways leading to bipolar spindle assembly
         ------14:30-15:00 Break-----
Session2:Chair Takashi Toda
◆15:00~15:30 Noriko Saitoh (Cancer Institute for the Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research)
Chromatin regulation by nuclear non-coding RNA in breast cancer cells
◆15:30~16:00 Hidetoshi Tahara (Hiroshima University)
Telomere and microRNA in aging
                                   ------16:00-16:30 Break-----
Plenary lecture:Chair Masaru Ueno
◆16:30~17:30 Julie Cooper (Center for Cancer Research,National Cancer Institute,USA)
Surprising roles for telomeres in controlling mitosis and meiosis
◆17:30~18:00 Discussion and Closing Remarks 
Masaru Ueno(Hiroshima University)
* This lecture is set up as a joint seminar across five graduate schools.(from16:30 to 18:00)